AUBURN – The beat goes on at Fox Ridge Golf Club with its fourth spring hole-in-one. The latest gem belongs to Adam Theriault, who used a lob wedge to solve the 113-yard No. 13. Roger Theriault, Dan Rountree, Dan Paquet and Don Duval witnessed Thursday’s feat.


LEEDS – Women, May 22, fewest putts: Sue Kaluzynski 15, Carmen Cohen 15, Laurie Gifford 16. Pins, No. 2, Rachel Newman 11-11; No. 8, Newman 21-1.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Seniors, May 22: Joe Rousseau/Paul Carbonneau/Norm Harkins/Richard Beaulieu -3, Dave Nadeau/Ray Merrow/Roger Maheux/Paul Jacques -3, Roger Bertrand/.Robert Laganiere/Emile Clavet/Roland Morin -3. Pin, Ray Morin 8-11, Larry Lajoie 11-1. 50/50, Joe Morin. Wednesday Ladies, T & F: Gross, A, Phyllis Greim, 16; B, Connie Dobega 17, Irene Asselin 20; C, Claire Biron 20, Maddy Moreau 20. Net, A, Samdy Tukey; B, Martha Cielinski, Evelyn Sinclair; C, Jeanne Blanchette, M.J. Lesperance. 50/50, Jean Cote. Pin, No. 3, Camille Booker, Pat Carr.


AUBURN – Thursday Couples League, two-ball spouse scramble: Net, Glen Fillion/Audrey Fillion 26, Mike Williams/Gladis Howard 27, Dave Collins/M.J. King 27, Bill Welch/Brenda Welch 28, Ed Cormier/Kathleen Cormier 28. Pins, Men, No. 4, Tim Goss 11-4; No. 9, Dave Kordalski 39-3. Women, No. 4, Marjorie Fillion 27-3; No. 9, Brenda Welch 17-6.


KENNEBUNK – WMSGA, May 20: Flight I, Gross, Peggy Wilson 83, Kim Rozvar 85, Prudence Hornberger 88; Net, Brenda Berry 74, Michele Davis 74, Nancy Nicolson 74. Flight II, Gross, Karen Higgins 96, Sally Gilpatric 100, Donna Browne 102; Net, Barbara Hintze 75, Susan Wootton 76, Kathy Copp 79. Flight III, Gross, Pat Carlista 108, Pauline Couture 115, Betty Goodwin 118, Jean Cote 118; Net, Patricia Carr 76, Joyce Davidson 77, Camilla Coombs 80.


BOOTHBAY – SMWGA, May 20: A-1, Gross, Nancy Williams 79, Barbara Rondeau 80; Net, Nancy Bither 67, Debbie Williams 69. A-2, Gross, Jane Flower 84, Kathy Heaton 85, Marcia Chute 87, Lisa Wintle 89; Net, Wendy Wood 67, Marcia Blake 68, Linda Carroll 72, Terri Messer 72. A-3, Gross, Louise LeCompte 84, Sherry Dunkin 93, Sandra Curro 94, Joanne Diller 94; Net, Ann Town 68, Shirley Bourne 69, Susan MacDougall 70, Denise Dyck 71.

Tri-State Championship

Maine has anmounced its team that will compete June 18-19 in the Women’s Tri-State Golf Championship in Vermont. The squad consists of Debby Gardiner, Mary Brandes, Dale Hannon, Kristin Kannegieser, Leslie Guenther, Micki Meggison, Cecily Whiting, Viola Kemp, Rosemary Lyons, Helen Plourd, Pam Johnson, Bern Michaud, Ann Lang, Gail Gleason, Madolin Fogarty, Meriby Sweet, Sandra Meehan, Charleen Wiseman, Diane Herring, Donni Witham, Claudette Amoroso, Janet Drouin, Linda Pearse, Sharon Nelson, Nancy Pratt, Judy Edgecomb, Jan Ogier, Norma Michaud, and Bobbi Berry.

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