What is wrong with President Bush?

It seems like he’s not being anywhere near sensible. I really believe he has lost it.

Why would he veto a budget for Iraq when everyone else voted against it?

Why is he not letting Iraq send oil to the U.S. in exchange for what it owes us?

He’s doing everything wrong and makes no sense at all.

I also believe he is putting this nation in as much debt as he can before he leaves office.

It is time to forget about all the foreign countries and take care of our own. This country needs help and it is time to start collecting what is owed.

I know the Republican and Democrat front-runners in the presidential race are promising all kinds of things, but I really believe the other close runner should be president and fix our country. The others have no idea what to do and no experience.

Hopefully, the right one will be elected.

Freeman Lewis, Lewiston

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