I see the Sun Journal has jumped onto the evolution fray of SAD 59 (editorial, May 14).

I’m glad the piece was on the editorial page, because it is just someone’s opinion.

While no one can disagree with the fact that different species may adapt to environment or climate. But the bacteria is still a bacteria, and the fruit fly is still a fruit fly.

The Sun Journal knows that is not the issue in the schools.

The issue is species completetly changing from one to another, such as that bacteria or fruit fly evolving into a human being. That is theory.

No one has been been able to trace a fish evolving into a bird or mammal, so to compare the first hominids to today’s humans is a stretch of the imagination. There have been no complete skeletons discovered to make that leap.

The Sun Journal should come to grips as to what is fact and theory, and what the real issue is.

Alan Elze, Auburn

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