The governor has added new auto registration fees to help pay for roads and bridges. What happened to the bond money that the public voted on last fall to do just that? Where is that money? Someone should be held accountable.

When the governor says we can’t tax our way to prosperity, he should finish his sentence with, “We’re going to give it our best shot.” There are new taxes on cigarettes, beer, soda, snacks, a 7 percent restaurant tax, and the $700 it cost me to register my truck. I’m sure there are new boat, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile registration increases, hunting and fishing license increases…When are voters going to say enough?

The governor should start looking for ways to cut down the size of the Legislature.

It should not be larger than California’s legislature.

Less government would be better government.

I hate to say it, but the welfare system needs an overhaul. I’m all in favor of a hand up, not a handout.

I wonder why media aren’t digging into the tax situation. The governor is taxing the hell out of this state and it doesn’t seem to interest them.


Peter Doyon, Lewiston

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