Recent events in the political arenas of Lewiston and Auburn have given cause for me to write this letter.

I have witnessed recently one candidate and one councilor use the church in order to further their own political aspirations and agendas. It is apparent that these gentlemen will do anything to get elected, or to further their cause.

An Auburn city councilor, Ray Berube, once mentioned the collection of money for heating fuel in the churches, but failed to mention this practice has gone on for years, regardless of economic circumstances. I believe Berube’s agenda was to mislead citizens of Auburn in order to cut taxes and gut schools of vital resources.

And Paul Madore, who is running as a Democrat for the Maine Senate with ultra-conservative Republican viewpoints, was recently seen soliciting votes after Pentacost Mass at the Basilica.

The church is a place for spiritual renewal, not political agendas.

There is a reason that our forefathers saw fit to have a separation between church and state.

Paula J. LaValley, Auburn 

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