It’s been a refreshing respite from Elaine Graham’s letters and her endless rants bemoaning the assault against the “true family.” Now she’s back with her most recent letter to the editor, saying the same thing … again. (“Family destruction,” May 22)

But for me, I’ve become weary of the accusations Graham continually makes against the Sun Journal for promoting the “gay lifestyle.” Time and again comes the assertion that same-sex wedding announcements, a drumbeat of pro-gay, front page stories — extended, no less — and endless pictures of smiling gay people are to be found in profusion.

Really? Since when?

I’ve been a faithful subscriber to the Sun Journal for years now. I read the newspaper every day and, personally, I’ve not seen these horrible images Graham claims to be so offensive.

So I’d like to ask Ms. Graham to write back and list some specific instances where these “gay images” can be found within the pages of the Sun Journal, and then let us all decide for ourselves whether or not they are really an assault against the “true family” Graham so wishes to defend.

Joseph V. Keelan, Auburn

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