Paul Madore has spent years working to impose his self-righteous idea of “values” on Maine people and families. His efforts to restrict people’s personal rights and freedoms and weaken funding for public services would suggest he is a right-wing conservative, like the people in the White House who have used fear and hate to harm our nation for the past two presidential terms.

Now, Madore is running in the Democratic primary against two legitimate Democratic candidates, Craven and Makas, and there is not a peep from Madore about his work during the past 20 years. The Paul Madore being presented in the current campaign is not the Paul Madore Lewiston has known.

Democrats should make sure they nominate a real Democratic candidate who has a history of advancing our rights and freedoms as Maine people, and furthering progressive change to make this a better place for everyone.

Craig Saddlemire, Lewiston

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