This is in reference to the article “School workshops canceled,” printed March 12. To make up for lost school days from so many winter storms, teacher workshops will now be held after school ends in June.

I believe that is a good idea; Lewiston-Auburn schools are already getting out on June 19, much later than normal.

Students are already having a short summer, and have much to do in that time to prepare for high school.

Another reason I agree is because school buildings are not meant to be in session year round. The really hot days in June are unbearable. It’s so muggy, students can lose focus and be concerned about when they can leave the school and go cool off or do something fun.

Also, because of snow days, superintendents wanted to change graduation dates so seniors could have the same number of school days as expected, and not get out earlier without making up the days. Graduations planned for June 6 and 7 and are not changing. A graduation is just not something you can cancel.

Officials also thought about having classes on Saturday to make up for lost days. I disagreed with this, because students’ focus levels would be hard to maintain. I, for one, would have a problem with this. Saturday is one of the only days I have to myself to get some stuff done, and sleep in.

Canceling the workshops was the best idea because it gave some of our days back.

Nicole Levesque

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