Commander Peary with his daughter Marie arrived in Portland Thursday morning from New York. They were met at the Union Station by his wife and son. The party left the city immediately for Eagle Island. Mr. Peary said he did not care to be interviewed about his plans for the next trip in search of the North Pole at the present time.

50 years ago, 1958

Hay cut in June is much better from a palatability and digestibility standpoint than first-crop hay cut in July and early August, points out Ralph A. Corbett, Extension Service Dairyman at the University of Maine.

Cutting the hay crop in June is the most important thing a dairyman can do to provide his cows with top quality feed next winter, Corbett said. Cows will eat almost twice as much hay cut June 15 as they will of the same hay cut Aug. 1. Maine dairymen with the higher producing herds are trying to cut their first-crop hay when it has the greatest amount of milk-producing energy per acre, he added. Hay yield multiplied by digestibility gives milk-producing energy.

25 years ago, 1983

Some gardeners, who had waited patiently for just the right kind of weather in which to plant their crops, had reason to be discouraged Monday as a thunderstorm hit the tri-county area, dropping large hailstones and causing extensive damage to recently planted gardens.

The severity of the storm varied in different areas. High winds and lightning accompanied the thunderstorm and caused limbs to break off, disrupting electrical services in several communities.

• Gene Upshaw, a 16-year National Football League veteran and long-time union officer, was named Monday to succeed Ed Garvey as the executive director of the NFL Players Association. Upshaw vowed to continue Garvey’s militant tactics.

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