In the race between U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and U.S. Rep. Tom Allen, let’s look at the scorecard.

These scores were compiled by Project VoteSmart, and are available on

In 2007, the National Council of Agricultural Employers gave Allen 0, Collins 47.

In 2006, Americans for Tax Reform gave Allen 5, Collins 60; National Taxpayers Union, Allen 13, Collins 50; National Association of Manufacturers, Allen 8, Collins 68; National Federation of Independent Business, Allen 14, Collins 100; National Restaurant Association, Allen 14, Collins 88; Citizens Against Government Waste, Allen 6, Collins 46; U.S. Border Control, Allen 0, Collins 25.

In 2005, Center for Security Policy rated Allen 19, Collins 60.

Based on gun issues, the NRA gave Allen a lifetime rating of F and Collins a B+.

Allen’s top contributor is at $57,000, which is a group funded by a leftist foreign billionaire, George Soros, whose stated aim, I believe, is to destroy the United States.

Sen. Collins’ top contributor is Marriott Hotels at $30,400.

Rep. Allen repeatedly refuses to take the “Political Courage Test” questions that determine where a candidate stands on issues. Sen. Collins has taken the test.

If people enjoy high gas and heating oil prices, they should vote for Democrats, who refuse to allow drilling for oil in America, building refineries and nuclear power plants, or putting windpower off Nantucket.

If people are happy with high taxes and a lower standard of living, vote Democrat.

Allen is not a moderate. He is an extreme leftist.

John Clement, Auburn

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