BRENTWOOD, N.H. (AP) – Jurors in Sheila LaBarre’s insanity trial broke their silence after deciding she was sane when she killed two boyfriends on her farm.

Friday’s verdict meant LaBarre is going to prison for life, instead of to a mental ward.

Four jurors spoke with Foster Daily Democrat Friday evening. Each said they felt good about the verdict.

“I am really trying to digest how I feel about it. It has been a long trial,” said Lori Eaton of Seabrook. “I feel good about our decision.”

Jurors heard more 40 witnesses during more than five weeks of testimony and deliberated 13 hours on Thursday and Friday.

LaBarre admitted killing Michael Deloge in 2005 and Kenneth Countie in 2006, but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

“I think it was an extremely complex case and I just have to say more than anything, I am proud of the job we did … we took a painstaking look at all the evidence introduced,” Jason Gesing of Derry said. “I do think we came to the right decision. For me, at the end of the day, the standard was to show causation between the illness and the crime.”

Linda Westinghouse of Rye said it was the accumulation of evidence and not any one piece that led to her confidence in the decision.

“It was a difficult case to decide. Both sides presented a lot of comprehensive evidence … and I think the jury made a good decision,” Westinghouse said.

Jonathan Bailey of Portsmouth said the case was terrible and awful but, ultimately, left him with faith and confidence in the system.

“I am glad the system was able to give them (the families) some resolution and justice,” Bailey said. “It is a little bit validating to have been just a small part of that system.”

Relatives of Countie and Deloge applauded jurors.

“I felt I should be clapping for them,” Eaton said. “They are the ones who really deserve the round of applause for what they went through.”

Information from: Foster’s Daily Democrat,

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