n Found in oceans worldwide, the anglerfish is named for the unusual way it attracts its prey – by wiggling a fleshy growth from its head, used as a lure. Most species of anglerfish have large, wide mouths and very sharp teeth.

n Unlikely Path-Crossing Department: Two young men, each destined to found a Dow Jones Industrials company, both lied about their ages in order to enlist in the ambulance service during World War I, and were assigned to the same unit. If they weren’t exactly friends, they did know each other. These future business bigwigs were Ray Kroc of McDonald’s and Walt Disney.

The first name Vanessa was coined by what famous writer?

A) Miguel de Cervantes

B) William Shakespeare

C) Jonathan Swift

D) Mark Twain

Tuesday’s answer: The largest of the rooms in England’s Hampton Court Palace was devoted to the roasting of meats.

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