CANTON – A $200 reward is being offered for the return of an antique light blue baby stroller stolen from a fledgling museum on Route 140 last week.

Director Carolyn Matott said she is putting up the money, hoping the unusual piece loaned to the museum by 91-year-old Bernard Adams of Canton will be recovered.

“I was heartbroken about it,” she said in a phone interview Wednesday night. “It was unique. I’d never seen one like it,” she said.

She said the stroller was small with little black wheels and made partly of metal.

“It was from his family,” she said of Adams’ loan to the upstart museum.

Oxford County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Holland of Peru is investigating the break-in and theft from the old Canton school at 46 School St. It was reported June 25, Matott said.

Holland said it looked like someone, possibly youths, broke into a side door by removing boards across the door.

“They pried open the door,” Matott said, then went into the boiler room and the basement where the antiques were being cleaned and prepped for display. She said two decorative milk pitchers and two decorative coffee cups were taken from the kitchen. On the upper floors, locks were broken on doors and rooms entered.

Nothing else was missing, Matott said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office at 207-743-9554 and press 5 for the anonymous tip line, or toll-free at 1-800-733-1421. And people may also call Matott at 441-0482.

Matott said the antiques have been removed from the building for now.

Staff editor Mary Delamater contributed to this report.

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