BRUNSWICK – A big crew of men are fighting the forest fire raging between Mere Point and Harpswell Road, but they are making little headway because of the high wind. The first fire broke out on Monday but was soon put out, only to break out again Tuesday. Again it was thought the fire was stopped but today for the third time the flames are sweeping over the timberland. Several acres have been burnt over thus far.

• Lewiston confectioners are labeling their ice cream and other goods according to the requirements of the pure food law. A state official visited the city the other day and since then labels have been appearing in the stores. The pure law requires that plain ice cream should contain 14 percent milk fat. Fruit and nut ice cream must contain not less than 12 percent milk fat. Only goods coming up to these standards can be lawfully sold under the name of ice cream.

50 years ago, 1958

• The office of Auburn tax collector Doris R. Mackay reports the deadline for payment of excise taxes on all house trailers is Aug. 1. Any taxes unpaid on that date will become personal property taxes which will be slightly higher than the excise tax. For this reason, the tax collector has urged all owners of house trailers to pay the fees at the earliest possible date.

• Bids for the conversion of the furnace at Edward Little High School from coal to oil and for the repair of school bus seats were awarded yesterday morning, according to an announcement by Auburn City Manager Woodbury E. Brackett. The bid for the conversion of the furnace went to Harry Nason of Auburn on a bid of $5,560, the low bid. Lou’s Auto top of Lewiston was the only bidder for the repair work on the school department bus seats.

25 years ago, 1983

The Nu-Voice Club on Saturday will host a demonstration of equipment that allows people with laryngectomies to swim. The club will meet at noon at 75 Bailey Street, Lewiston, to witness a pool demonstration of special snorkeling equipment that enables people with laryngectomies to swim without the danger of breathing water. The Nu-Voice Club is a support group for people who have voice problems, and for their family and friends. The group meets monthly for educational and therapeutic sessions. The meetings also serve as a forum for issues that face group members.

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