NORWAY- An eclectic art exhibit of modern, post-modern, abstract, multimedia and two- and three-dimensional work will be showcased at Matolcsy Arts Center starting Tuesday, July 15.

An opening reception will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, July, 18 at the 480 Main St. gallery. The event will be punctuated by a prolific and interpretive performance by Jennifer Barron called “Sense of Belonging,” which will result in the creation of an art piece that will remain on exhibit for the duration of the show.

Featured artists are Emmy Andersson, Heather Westleigh, Michael Desplaines, Nikki Milonzi, Scott Wilson, Colin Wilson, Joan Belucci, Aranka Matolcsy, Erica Carson and Joanna Reese. The exhibit will hang until July 24.

During her performance, Barron will utilize materials from places with which she has meaningful connections: Georgia red clay, clay from the Royal River in Auburn, Androscoggin River water and wool from Scandinavia and the mountains of North Carolina. Each of these materials creates a connection to place, as well as a connection to the people who live there.

Barron uses performance-based artwork as a tool for exploration, education and experience. A recurring theme in her work is the search for self-identity in connection to physical place.

” ‘Sense of Belonging’ is an experience for myself as well as the viewer. It represents an acceptance of where and who I am in present time,” Barron said.

“Through performance-based artwork, I create situations for myself in order to experience life differently than I do on a normal day-to-day basis. Through this experiential art, I experiment with my life and allow others to participate and follow along with the act of personal process,” she explained. “While I am learning and answering my own questions, I hope to engage the viewers’ interest and inspire them to think about the questions they may have about their own experiences, and to think about their quotidian lives with a different perspective.”

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call 739-6161.

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