It’s easy to be on a school board when money is no object. You just throw out a figure and all the teachers and their friends, which load the audience, vote yes. Over and done with.

Now that times are tough, perhaps the school board will listen to the majority of taxpayers, who have voted against the proposed school budget and want to lower it. Maybe next time, the school board will take the do-more-with-less approach. If not, sooner or later, the well will run dry, and they’ll either have to cut programs and/or jobs

Sabattus taxpayers expect the schools to make do with what they’ve been given, or find a way to do more with less. In these financially challenging times, everyone has to make do with less and, from the looks of things, the economy isn’t going to get better.

But I don’t believe members of the school board have gotten the message. The arrogance and the “We’ll show ’em” attitude is as strong as ever.

Sabattus taxpayers need to talk to friends and neighbors, and be vocal and aggressive until the school board decides to listen. Right now they are playing a game … asking for more and then settling on the original amount they asked for.

Maybe they think voters won’t know the difference.

Don’t bet on it.

Phillip Webber Sr., Sabattus

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