The Auburn jail has a mascot. It was not sought after, but was forced upon the institution by the commitment of James Smith to jail for vagrancy. Accompanying him was a bulldog. The officers first thought they’d separate master and dog, but the tramp pleaded so hard for the preservation of his pet that Sheriff Hastings finally decided the dog could be kept in the stable until the prisoner’s time was up. She is one of the most lady-like little dogs you ever saw. Gentle and kind and wanting to be petted, she makes friends with everybody. She greatly misses her master and whenever allowed to see him, jumps upon and laps him with joy. There is no fear but she will be taken good care of until Smith can again begin tramping the ties with her.

50 years ago, 1958

• The area northeast of Lewiston has been chosen by the Maine Department of Agriculture as the section in which to place more than 700 Japanese beetle traps as the first step in a federal and state survey of the pest in Maine. The present three-year survey has not been initiated because of an increase in Japanese beetles. The new program is rather designed to determine the spread of the national infestation.

• Charles Tuttle, maintenance man for the Lewiston Police Department, is keeping busy these days painting red those sections of curbing in the business district where parking is prohibited.

25 years ago, 1983

The city of Lewiston is still accepting applications for the position of city auditor, opened up in June by the resignation of Robert A. Reny. So far, 19 people have applied for the position. The duties of the city auditor include supervising the record-keeping of various city accounts, conducting internal auditing, controlling financial systems and procedures, reviewing and developing new financial programs on the data-processing system, preparing the city’s annual financial report and advising other city departments on financial procedures and methods.

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