Words cannot be put together that can fully express the feelings that my family and myself feel for all that has been done since the accident that temporarily took my life. Fortunately, those who were on-scene would not accept that fact and managed to resuscitate me, making it possible to once again hold and cherish those I love.

I would love to be able to thank each and every individual by name for what they did for me, but I would be afraid that someone might be left out, and that would not do. So to all who were on duty that night, know that my family and myself send our warmest and most sincere thanks that come from the heart. I hope that everyone who has followed the event can now see with a better perspective the dangers that their public servants face at all times, and also see the skill, dedication and responsibility that they carry on their shoulders every day.

We also thank all who have sent prayers and good wishes, and many thanks for the warmth, concern and gifts that so many have offered or sent.

William Johnston and family, Mexico

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