• Two big lumber and box mills, three two-story houses, hundreds of thousands of feet of stacked lumber. Such is a partial list of the property that disappeared in a tremendous vortex of smoke and flame, in an incredibly short time on Washington Street, Auburn, early Monday afternoon.

• One of the most delicious, wholesome and of late years, highly popular summer beverages is iced Postum. Boil according to directions on the package. Cool it with cracked ice, add sugar, cream, a “suspicion” of lemon and a “whisper” of nutmeg, perhaps – or simply sugar and lemon juice if you prefer it clear. No prohibition movement against Postum in any state, because it is made from clean, hard wheat skillfully roasted, contains no coffee, alcohol or other injurious substance.

50 years ago, 1958

Employees of the Knapp Bros. Shoe Co., Lewiston, held their annual outing Saturday at Tacoma Lake. The program during the day of recreation included a style show and beauty contest.

25 years ago, 1983

WINDSOR, Conn. – Ron Nadeau hurled a three-hitter Tuesday as Auburn Suburban, representing Maine, defeated Bridgeport, Conn., 7-2 in the opening round of the New England Senior Little League baseball playoffs.

• A “first-ever” security training program in Maine recently graduated 30 men and women. The graduates received twice the mandated training hours required for part-time police officers in Maine, according to Arthur A. Stilphen, Maine commissioner of public safety.

“The public sector alone cannot provide total security for us all and there is most definitely a place for the private security agency in today’s world,” Stilphen told the graduates at their commencement exercises.

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