Wednesday, August 6

n Weird Wide Web: Visit, and you’ll be greeted by a dot in the center of the screen, and the message, “this dot here below is the exact center of the internet. go ahead. click it. don’t be shy.” What happens when you click it? Nothing terrible, but nothing overly exciting either. Go ahead. Try it. Don’t be shy.

n Have you ever noticed how some pasta varieties are hard to pick up with a fork, and others don’t hold sauces very well? We have. So let’s be thankful for penne, the pasta that we think has the most practical design. Its hollow center and its ridges both help to hold the sauce, and its angular ends (as compared with its cousin, ziti) act as a scoop when you take it off your plate.

On Feb. 18, 1930, aviation history was made, when for the first time, an airplane carried:

A) A cow

B) A U.S. president

C) An entire sports team

D) Another airplane

Tuesday’s answer: In its early years, ESPN’s majority owner was the Getty Oil Company.

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