• For readers interested in buying wool rug braiding supplies and French pastel crayons from No Name, No Town (Sun Spots inquiry, Monday, August 4), the items are no longer available.

Dear Sun Spots: Do hummingbirds quaff at the feeders that are hanging in the sun? The nectar must be near the boiling point. Often, I have seen feeders that get hours of sun. Even on overcast days, the nectar is hot. It seems that the feeders ought to be in the shade. – Jay fan, Jay.

Answer: Alan Seamans from the Stanton Bird Club agrees that shady areas are the best spots to hang your hummingbird feeders. He notes that if a feeder is placed in direct sunlight, it will definitely cause the mixture to spoil and ferment very quickly so you’ll have to replace it even more often that usual. Also, hot temperatures will cause the mixture to expand and overflow, causing waste and a mess. He points out that this will also make it easier for unwanted ants, bees and wasps to get at it. Seamans says that hummingbirds prefer a nice fresh solution. He recommends when first putting out your feeder, put it in the open so the birds will find it, but the regular location should be in the shade. To best attract them, he recommends locating it near flowers they like.

He doubts that a hummingbird will continue sipping from an extremely hot feeder and notes that if it’s really hot, they’re not going to like it and will avoid it. Remember, they still take the majority of their nectar from natural flowers, so they will have no qualms about avoiding a displeasing feeder.

Dear Sun Spots: The Dixfield Outdoor Market Committee is preparing for Market Day, Sunday, Aug. 17, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine. Vendor spaces are still available and a 10- by 15-foot space costs $15. Any individual or group is welcome to reserve a space for the day and sell anything from yard sale items to handicrafts to food to raffles etc. to earn money for their cause. An additional item for the market this year is the Dixfield Common Baptist Church Food Pantry’s Cram the Van event. The van will be parked on Main Street and nonperishable food items may be donated to see if the van can be filled to overflowing. Five food items or a $5 donation will make donors eligible to receive a free gift while they last. For further information or to receive an application please call Log Cabin Craftworks at 562-8816 and speak to Norine or Ralph. Thank you, looking forward to seeing everyone on the 17th. – Norine, Dixfield.

Dear Sun Spots: I read your column every day, it’s a great help. I have a problem with my wood stove. I have been burning wood for more than 37 years, never had any problem with it up to two years ago. Now every time my oil furnace comes on my wood stove will smoke real bad around the stove pipe and the stove. When the oil furnace shuts off it stops smoking. I bought all new stove pipe, had the chimney cleaned. The only thing different in the last 37 years is I put a different wood stove in, which is just like new. The name of it is King.

Also, I am looking for information on and value of a reclining rocking chair. It was made in New Vineyard, Maine, in 1803. It is in very good shape. – Barbara, Dryden.

Answer: Unfortunately, we are stumped! You should contact a professional in your area to come take a look at it. Northern Lights Hearth and Sports Inc. in Farmington may be able to offer some assistance or refer you to someone who can help. They may be contacted at 778-6566.

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