Isn’t it frustrating reading and listening to the liberal press? They so love to be negative about the Bush administration that they play games with the news. A few examples:

• The second quarter home foreclosure filings, recently announced, were 740,000. Such a huge number. Why not add that is one out of 171 households in the U.S.? If a conservative became president, he or she would announce that 170 out of 171 mortgages are current.

• The unemployment number just jumped to 5.7 percent from 5.5 percent. At one point during the Clinton years, the unemployment number was 5.6 percent. Of course, that was 94.4 percent employment.

• The gross domestic product, otherwise known as the “economy,” showed real growth of 1.9 percent during the second quarter. The nation isn’t in a recession or depression at all, yet that is what is reported.

Barack Obama has proposed a 28 percent capital gains tax on the sale of a personal residence. Let’s say a senior citizen bought a single family home 30-40 years ago for $25,000 and now needs the equity to pay for an assisted living apartment or nursing home. If the house sold for $125,000, a $100,000 profit, that tax, supported by the ultra-liberal Democrats, would take $28,000.

What about taxes on dividends, currently at 15 percent? That wouldn’t change under John McCain, but Obama is proposing a jump to 39.6 percent.

Marcel R. Morin, Lewiston

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