n Japanese-born pitcher Tomo Ohka had an unenviable career batting average of .130 in 200 career at-bats in the major leagues from 1999 through Aug. 23, 2006. Always a righty (pitching and batting), Ohka decided to bat left-handed for the first time on Aug. 24. He had two hits in the game and drove in four runs. (Thanks to Doug Lyons of Scarsdale, N.Y.)

19th century philanthropist Ezra Cornell co-founded the Ivy League university named for him in 1865. Cornell earned his fortune as a business associate of what famous American?

A) John D. Rockefeller

B) Thomas Edison

C) Samuel Morse

D) U.S. Grant

Tuesday’s answer: The total number of pages in the U.S. hardcover editions of the seven Harry Potter novels of J.K. Rowling is 4,126.

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