Dear Sun Spots: I would like to respond to Diana of Rumford who was in the paper on July 25 asking for hardwood clothes pegs. I have some to sell at a reasonable price. Call Denise at 562-7154. – Denise, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Do you have a current phone number for A Touch of Glass, Toni Ames, owner. I am in need of a replacement glass nail file. If you know of other sources for glass nail files I’d be interested in those. – D.L., No Town.

Unfortunately, Sun Spots is not familiar with the store you are referring to. We also hadn’t heard of a glass nail file, but we did learn that it’s just that: a nail file made of glass, rather than the traditional emery or steel. Have you contacted your local beauty salon or nail salon to see if they would be able to order one for you? If they are unable to, contact AmeriMark, a “direct marketer of women’s apparel, shoes, name-brand cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, watches, accessories, and health-related merchandise.” They have professional quality glass nail files in assorted colors for $3.99 each. Contact a customer service representative at 1-877-268-9594 to order a free catalog.

Dear Sun Spots: The Blueberry Festival 2008 was a great success this year. This can only happen with the help of firefighters, Highway Department, Rec Department, police, medics, civic groups, businesses, newspapers, crafters, vendors, churches, Nichols Expo, volunteers and last of all Mother Nature. Special thanks to all above and those of you who just step in to help where needed.

We would like to thank Kora Temple units for coming to entertain the public. They will be back in 2009. Special thanks to Friends of Wilson Lake for giving more than 250 boat rides, the fun race and 10K staff for the races, Farmington Emblem Club #460, entertainment, and everyone who was in the three wonderful parades, and the people who make the festival a success.

We had many local, out-of-town and state visitors. People were at the fireworks on Saturday night. The start went much faster because of the weather.

I would like to thank all the firefighters and EMS departments in the state for their support in sending someone to go in our parade. What a sight to see the teamwork that was done to make this happen.

If anyone would like to donate for the Aug. 7 and 8, 2009, celebration it is never too early or too late. The theme will be Wilton is a great place to “Live-Work-Play.” Again I would like to thank everyone for their participation. No job goes unnoticed.

The person who had No. 74 in the parade please contact Shannon 778-4726. – Shannon Smith, Blueberry Festival Chairman.

Dear Sun Spots: I enjoy this column very much, because it helps people out. I read it every day. May you be around forever. Now to the reason (besides to compliment you) for this letter.

We are in need of four steel pins for an adjustable wooden crib. The pins hold the steel box spring in place to be able to move it up or down different levels as the baby grows. The pins are sort of slanted with a ball tip at each end.

Also, does anyone know or have a belt for a GAF slide projector. The belt rotates the fan to cool off the bulb. – No Name, Lisbon Falls.

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