Rex Rhoades’ ire and morning indigestion regarding the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (Sun Journal, Aug. 8) were misplaced, at best.

I agree that newspapers and print reporters will remain critical local news sources. I read three Maine dailies, including the Sun Journal, and several weeklies. All are valuable voices. But I also listen to and watch MPBN. Its brand of Maine coverage is equally valuable and different.

I, like so many of MPBN’s members, find its content to be substantive, engaging and a uniquely positive asset for Maine. I could cite countless examples.

I’m also inspired by the many volunteers and members who devote literally thousands of hours to make MPBN what it is.

I respectfully submit that Rhoades’ irritable blast against MPBN (and, by extension, its supporters, volunteers and staff), wasn’t his best work.

Craig N. Denekas, Portland

Chairman, board of trustees, MPBN

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