n Robert De Niro dancing on piano keys? It almost happened. “Big” co-writer Anne Spielberg (Steven’s sister) revealed on an episode of AMC’s “Backstory” that De Niro was offered and accepted the male lead role, but things didn’t work out for some reason. Tom Hanks got the part, of course.

Trivia fans would be most likely to recognize the name Pepe from Warner Bros.’ French toon skunk Pepe Le Pew, who in turn was named for Pepe le Moko, Charles Boyer’s character in the film “Algiers.” But in the Spanish language, Pepe is a nickname for:

A) Roberto

B) Pablo

C) Jose

D) Felipe

Monday’s answer: According to the state’s Department of Natural Resources, Michigan ranks first in the nation in the number of registered snowmobiles.

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