It is gasping and strangling time for the fat folks. This, most of them must put up with, or if they rebel, they may take a few pennies over to the druggist and buy some hot weather comfort with a more becoming figure thrown in as a premium, so to speak.

For a small sum your druggist will give you ½ once Marmola, ½ ounce Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic and 3½ ounces Syrup Simplex. Take this, a teaspoonful at a time after meals and at bedtime, and you will get quick relief from heat miseries.

Simple as this mixture is, it makes wonderful inroads on the fat. Entirely without help of any kind from exercising or dieting it will take off, in many cases, over a pound of fat a day. Yet those who take it never feel any ill effect.

50 years ago, 1958

The price of fuel oil in the Twin Cities rose from 15 cents to 15.6 cents a gallon yesterday, according to a spokesman at the P & P Fuel Co. The 15-cent price prevailed in the Twin Cities during most of the summer.

• Pierre Caron, Sopers Mills Road farmer, complained yesterday to Auburn police that dogs are chasing his cattle. He told authorities that one of his cows lost half of her tail when it was bitten off by a dog and that another cow was bitten about the ears.

25 years ago, 1983

The director of a proposed halfway house for alcoholics assures potential neighbors of the Auburn facility that the house residents will be “ideal citizens” and that the support program will provide a missing link in the treatment offered to alcoholics in this area.

And the project appeared Thursday evening to have the support of at least some Third Street area residents.

Fellowship House, an agency of Diocesan Human Relations Services Inc., will seek permission on Monday from Auburn’s Zoning Board of Appeals to establish a 15-bedroom boarding home for men at 88 Third St. in the former St. Louis Church rectory. Fellowship House already operates a shelter and detoxification center for alcoholics in Lewiston.

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