n Eponym of the week: 19th century Austrian physicist Christian Doppler, who first theorized the Doppler effect – that the frequency and length of waves change, as perceived by an observer moving toward or away from it. The Doppler radar seen on TV weather reports uses the Doppler effect.

n Before the age of recorded music, a song’s success was measured by the sales of sheet music. The last million-selling sheet music was the 1950 tune “The Tennessee Waltz,” popularized by Patti Page, and Les Paul & Mary Ford. (Thanks to Roger Lucas of Seattle.)

Praise, Buzzsaw and Spa 73 are all the names of:

A) Designer fragrances

B) Satellite radio stations

C) Professional wrestlers

D) Chains of haircutting salons

Wednesday’s answer: The “Wuthering” of “Wuthering Heights” is a Yorkshire word for “stormy.”

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