An Auburn man started home from a town some thirty miles away the other night in his automobile. He didn’t start until late and then he met misfortune. About the first thing he did this night was to pick up a tack, and this way out on a country road, the last place in the world where a tack would be supposed to lurk. He put in a new tube and started again. After proceeding several miles, the same tire sprung a leak again. Examination showed that it had picked up a needle this time, tho how on earth a needle could happen to be out on a lonesome road was as great a mystery as was the tack. It took much midnight laboring to patch the tire, and after exceeding all speed limits the disgusted autoist got home at 2:30.

50 years ago, 1958

The Lewiston Police Commission is looking for another school traffic guide.

Police Chief Roland C. Amnott notified the commission last night that Mrs. Edith Foley will not be returning to her former post at Sabattus and Howe streets with the start of the new school year.

Chief Amnott said he has one application for traffic guide appointment and the commission announced that others will be accepted. The part-time post pays $20 a week and uniforms are furnished. Only married women are eligible.

• Armand Roy, 42, of 206 Park St. a director of the Montagnard Club the past 10 years, was elected president of the Maine Snowshoe Union at its annual meeting on Monday night, it was announced yesterday.

A driver for Roy Brothers Transportation Co., he succeeds Roland Sirois of the Jacques-Cartier Club in the union’s top post. Roy served as a union delegate last year.

25 years ago, 1983

Persons residing in Lisbon, or traveling through town on Sept.11, are advised by the Androscoggin Bureau of Civil Emergency Preparedness that there will be a hazardous materials training exercise conducted here on that day.

“Citizens are not to be concerned,” by the public safety vehicles moving throughout the community on that day, said a spokesman, “as this is only a training exercise to enhance the response capabilities of Lisbon’s public safety forces to a simulated hazardous material spill.”

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