Dear Sun Spots: You have helped so many readers. I read your column everyday to find info or help give info. I would like my kids to learn to play piano, guitar or drums. Would you know of a place in Rumford? Thank you for all your help. – Trisha, Rumford.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, contact Everyday Music on Broadway in downtown Farmington, 778-3483. Sun Spots spoke with Meg, who mentioned that they have people travel from the Rumford area frequently for music lessons, which are held at the store. They offer drum, guitar, bass and basic band instrument lessons.

Dear Sun Spots: Could you reprint the name and phone number of the person who collects old trophies? We have some! Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Sun Spots is the best! I have about a dozen sports trophies that I would like to donate to be recycled. Does anyone know of a local organization that would use these. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, contact Dan with John F. Murphy Homes’ Recreation Department in Auburn, 782-9268.

Dear Sun Spots: I am hoping you have better luck than I do. I’m trying to find the number for Countrywide Realty that has a house I am interested in. Yours truly. – D. Dunham, Dixfield.

Sun Spots could not find a Realtor with that name and wonders if you are thinking of the Countrywide Home Loans company. Perhaps the real estate company you are looking for is Town and Country Realtors, with offices in Ellsworth, Skowhegan, Rockland, Pittsfield, Hampden, Dover-Foxcroft, Camden, Belfast, and Bangor. Contact a Realtor at the Pittsfield office at 207-487-3221.

Dear Sun Spots: I recently came across some autographed pictures that were my mother’s collection, and wondered if they are of any value. I don’t know who to contact about these, as some are Maine musicians, and others are movie stars. Some are personally autographed to her, some are probably publicity shots.

The ones that are personally signed to her are, Bob Swan from WPTR radio (8 by 10), The Ken McKenzie family (8 by 10 family picture), Smiling Mike and the Dixon Brothers (3 by 5 group pic. signed by all four members), some guy named Dicky playing an accordion from 1948 (3 by 5), and one unsigned of a guy playing a guitar (3 by 5).

The movie star Ken Curtis (5 by 7) is personalized to her; an 8 by 10 of Bing Crosby (signed but not to her); 3 by 5s signed by ‘Drake’, no last name; two postcards, with complete info on back from Warner Bros Picture Inc. of a guy, (who’s first name I can’t read, it looks like it starts with a D), but his last name is either Worgau or Morgan (hard to read the writing!); 3 by 5 pics of Robert Horton, Pernall Roberts, John Kenn (Kerr) and Gardner McKay; and 1½ by 2 of Ken Curtis, Gene Autry, Charles Stannett(?), Monte Haley, ‘Wild’ (William) Bill El? (cut off name), Bob Livingson (? little smudged), William Boyd, John Wayne, Allen “Rocky” Lane(?), Roy Rogers, Bob Nolan, Tex Ritter and Randolph Scott. All the pictures are black and white. There is also a set of 18 trading like cards, black and white, 2 by 3½, all of places in Quebec. They appear old. Any help will be greatly appreciated! – No Name, No Town.

Answer: We’re hoping an interested reader will be able to assist you with your request. Contact Dan Poulin at Orphan Annie’s in Auburn at 782-0638 to see if he may be interested in the Quebec cards. He might want to add them to his collection.

Dear Sun Spots: I’ve been meaning to respond to the request for information on how to discourage/prevent cats from going under the porch/yard. In an Organic Gardening magazine a couple of issues ago it was suggested to place coffee grounds in areas where you wish to discourage cats visiting. Apparently cats do not like the texture of coffee grounds. We’ve been using this method and it appears to work. – M. Glass, Farmington.

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