n Where’s the world’s most tilted tower? The Leaning Tower of Pisa currently tilts a mere 3.97 degrees from perpendicular. Last November, Guinness World Records certified the 15th-century church tower in the northwest German town of Suurhusen as the champ, with a 5.17-degree tilt. The Suurhusen tower is less than half as tall as the Pisa tower.

n One Hundred Years Ago This Month: Henry Ford manufactured his first Model T automobile in September 1908. The last one came off Ford’s assembly line in 1927.

TNT, aka trinitrotoluene, was discovered by German chemist Joseph Wilbrand in 1863. Its first practical use was not as an explosive, but as:

A) An insecticide

B) Synthetic rubber

C) A dye

D) Cattle feed

Tuesday’s answer: Before his American Top 40 radio shows, deejay Casey Kasem was a dogcatcher in Rochester, N.Y.

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