n Darda Swanson of Berkeley, Calif., wants to know how many U.S. baby boomers there are. According to Census Bureau estimates, there were 78.2 million as of 2005. The state with the highest concentration of baby boomers is Alaska (32 percent); the lowest is Utah (23 percent).

n Have you ever noticed that, of the four seasons, only “winter” and “summer” can be used as verbs? A search of our unabridged dictionaries could find no “seasonal” verb for “spring,” “fall,” or “autumn.” Aren’t there circumstances that would cause people to spend a spring or autumn somewhere? (Baseball’s spring training doesn’t count, since it starts in the winter.)

The highest-value coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint has a face value of:


B) $1,000

C) $10,000

D) $1,000,000

Answer Monday.

Thursday’s answer: Currently, the NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball each have 30 teams. The NFL has 32.

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