n Price-Per-Gallon Update: Thanks to Dick Anderson of Pacheco, Calif., who figures that the typical cost of the ink in an inkjet printer cartridge exceeds an eye-popping $2,000 per gallon. That’s figuring 58.5 milliliters per cartridge, 3785 milliliters per gallon, and a typical $33 cost per cartridge. But we were able to find full gallons of cartridge ink for sale on the Web for a reasonable(?) $150 or so per gallon.

Two-time Oscar winner Jack Lemmon was born into a well-to-do family, attending the Phillips Academy prep school (a.k.a. Andover) and Harvard University. In what unusual location was Lemmon born?

A) On an airplane

B) In a hospital elevator

C) In a donut shop

D) In a cow barn

Monday’s answer: Bracchio Di Ferro (Iron Arm) is the Italian name of Popeye the Sailor.

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