Rumford Rotary Weatherization Project

Dear Neighbors,

As we are all aware, we are facing a very difficult period in this country. Heating costs have doubled in the past year. Our food expenses are up 8% in the first quarter, our utilities are poised for a substantial increase and yet our means for paying for many of these services remains flat. I see many of our neighbors faced with the decision of paying for either medication or heat. While I do not have the answers for fixing the problems that we are facing, I can try to help support those who need it.

I am beginning to form a committee, within Rumford Rotary and several other businesses and organizations, where I am proposing we work to help those neighbors with the most need. We will work to support those individuals who are on fixed incomes, disability or retirement, and who are owner occupants of property in and around the Rumford area. We, as a group of volunteers, will work to weatherize their homes by sealing windows with plastic cover, caulk leaking areas where air may be penetrating, apply weather strip around doors and provide outlet gaskets where needed. In addition to this we will provide informational resources where some of these neighbors may be able to get financial support from local, state and federal agencies.

We are looking for volunteers from local agencies and any contributions of supplies or funds that will be needed to facilitate this much needed project. We are looking to do the work for this project on Saturday, October 18, 2008. We will have more details available in the weeks to come. I will make myself available to attend meetings that your organization or company may have where you may want me available to answer any questions.

Your Neighbor,

Gary Haines

Rumford Area Rotary


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