n There’s only a last-letter difference between “police” and “policy,” so you shouldn’t be surprised that these two words are related. Both “police” and the “course of action” meaning of “policy” are both ultimately derived from the Latin word for “government.” However, the “insurance” meaning of “policy” comes from an entirely different Latin word, which means “receipt.”

Which of these North African capitals is not located on the Mediterranean Sea?

A) Algiers, Algeria

B) Tunis, Tunisia

C) Rabat, Morocco

D) Tripoli, Libya

Answer Monday.

Thursday’s answer: The all-time longest running PBS series is “Sesame Street,” now in its 37th season on the network. “Masterpiece Theatre” premiered two months after “Sesame Street,” in January 1971.

n Weird Wide Web: Visit www.jacksonpollock.org and you’ll be able to create your own Pollock-like virtual painting. There’s no help page, so here’s what you’ll want to know: the thickness of your line is controlled by the speed at which you move your mouse; clicking the left mouse button will change the color of your virtual paint. Have a nice drip!

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