WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) – A Worcester group has launched a campaign to persuade the Vatican to canonize a woman they say was linked to several miracles after lapsing into a coma-like state as a child.

Audrey Santo was found floating in her family’s pool in 1987 at age 3. After a long hospital stay, she moved to a Worcester house, where bizarre things allegedly began happening, such as oily substances oozing from statues.

A following developed, with some claiming they were healed of illness through Santo’s intercession.

The Diocese of Worcester couldn’t verify the claims in a 1999 investigation, but didn’t rule them out.

Santo died in 2007 of cardio-respiratory failure. The Little Audrey Santo Foundation later formed to push for her canonization.

A key requirement is the authentication of two miracles attributed to Santo after her death.

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