n Unwrapped Update: Thanks to all who wrote with explanations of why many foreign-made music CDs aren’t shrink-wrapped. But we don’t have the final word on the matter, because two plausible answers were proposed. What do you think? Is it to allow U.S. Customs to inspect the product, or to cut down on foreign bootlegging? Or maybe a bit of both? If you have any additional info on this, please let us know.

Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium (aka Cinergy Field), former home of the National League Reds and the NFL Bengals, was built on the site of the birthplace of what famous American?

A) Babe Ruth

B) Warren G. Harding

C) Roy Rogers

D) Susan B. Anthony

Friday’s answer: Rabat, Morocco, situated west of the Strait of Gibraltar, is on the Atlantic Ocean.

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