PARIS – A suit against Oxford County can be put on hold if commissioners act immediately to repair damages at the regional airport in Oxford, the county administrator announced Tuesday.

Carole Fulton told commissioners that a judge made the decision after a conference at Oxford County Superior Court on Monday. The conference included attorneys for the county and Oxford Aviation, an airplane refurbishing business that leases space at the Oxford County Regional Airport.

Oxford Aviation sued the county last month, charging that it violated its contract with the company by failing to make repairs at the airport’s buildings. The suit states that a leak in the roof that became serious in January led to mold contamination, which was discovered in March.

The suit claims that four employees have suffered illnesses related to the mold, including headaches and nausea, and seeks to exonerate the company from any claims arising from the matter.

In the suit, the company stated that no alternate work space was provided and no timeline given for when the work would be complete, and that these factors would have inhibited business.

Roof repairs have been completed.

Fulton told commissioners that mold removal will take place over three consecutive weekends and be followed by repairs to carpets at the facility. Each weekend of work will cost $4,900.

No date has been set for the start of the work.

In June, commissioners approved $7,815 for roof repairs and $2,800 for mold removal after the roof was fixed.

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