A spark from the engine of a freight train passing thru Crowley’s Junction about noon, Thursday, is supposed to have caused the fire which broke out near the Maine Central railroad station. Everything being dry, it did not take long for a brisk fire to be burning. It burned among the bushes beside the brook and then spread along in the grass on the William Foss farm, now run by Milo Currier.

A call for help was sent to the central fire station and an alarm from box 37 summoned a crew. The engine and one truck with several men went down at 2 o’clock. At 2:20 o’clock it looked as if their efforts were successful.

50 years ago, 1958

A Lisbon Street discount house is in the market for new quarters which would provide parking space for customers. A Lewiston realtor who has been close to the concern would not comment last night on the future plans of The Mart but he did not deny the report that the firm is desirous of changing its location so that it can offer parking facilities.

25 years ago, 1983

State health planners reversed Thursday an earlier recommendation that only one of two Lewiston hospitals be allowed to purchase a sophisticated carbon-dioxide laser scalpel, deciding that both St. Mary’s General Hospital and Central Maine Medical Center should be allowed to purchase the $59,000 scalpel.

Planners had recommended on August 10 that only CMMC be allowed to purchase the scalpel. But both CMMC and St. Mary’s amended their certificate of need (CON) applications to show that the cost of operating the laser scalpels would be offset by reduced service costs, according to Gordon Browne, director of the Department of Human Services’ Bureau of Health Planning and Development.

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