Dear Sun Spots: I have a cousin in Florida who is planning our first family reunion. Since she is originally from Maine, she wants it to be held here. We have bounced ideas around, one of which is to find a group of cabins on a lake with a central rec hall to rent for two to five days. There will be anywhere from 30-60 people attending. The plan is to have it sometime next July. I realize it may be too late to find, but would any of your readers know of a place like this we could rent? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. – Judi A., Minot.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, contact the Great Outdoors in Turner to see if they can accommodate your needs. Call Mary Seaman at 224-7061 or 212-4581 or e-mail [email protected] Also, try Camp Wekeela in Hartford. Contact Ephram A. Caflun at (201) 612-5125, [email protected] or Geoff Newman at (954) 385-3545, [email protected] Sun Spots has attended functions at both facilities and used the Great Outdoors for her wedding and reception.

Dear Sun Spots: I signed up for a trial membership to Last month, I requested to cancel my membership. I e-mailed them and went to the membership services for information on how to cancel my membership. They have not provided me with the help I need, in fact they renewed the membership for three more months. They gave me steps to follow to cancel, but that was not successful. There is a step that asks you if you are sure you want to cancel, they told me to check “yes” but there is no/yes as an option. I have being trying to cancel for two weeks with no success. is not honoring my wishes despite multiple e-mails and contacts. Please help. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots called the member service number for Representatives are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday. Although we did not speak directly to a representative, they do provide an explanation for non-refundable membership fees and other aspects of the program. Call 425-917-5000 and they should be able to help with your request.

Dear Sun Spots: I am the Edward Little teacher who appealed to your readers for donations of small engines to my freshmen career development program. The response that I got from the good people of Lewiston-Auburn was overwhelming. I wish to thank your readership for the scores of offers that I received. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who called or came to the high school with donations. These engines will be disassembled and reassembled hundreds of times, giving my student’s hands on experience in unlocking the mystery of how four cycle engines work.

I now have more small engines than I have space for and this is only a fraction of the lawn mower engines that were offered. Again I thank you all. – Jon Vaughn-Carr, Edward Little High School teacher.

Dear Sun Spots: I have watched the Red Sox for many years. Curious to see who the two gentleman are that sit almost directly behind home plate during home games. Approximately 60 years of age. They don’t actually sit together, four or five seats in between. – Kristin, No Town.

Most of the Red Sox fans that Sun Spots contacted believed these two gentleman are just longtime fans who hold season tickets. Maybe another reader will offer some information.

Dear Sun Spots: I recently inherited a stamp collection from my grandparents and would like to contact the man who buys these stamp collections. Could you please help me? Thank you for a wonderful service. Best regards. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Contact Julien Gosselin at 784-7892. He was a stamp dealer for many years. He is now retired, but still collects stamps. He is always interested in buying stamp collections that contain material he could add to his own personal collection.

Dear Sun Spots: Pertaining to Dr. True’s Elixir, I remember my mother giving it to me mostly for constipation and sometimes for worms.

I have a package of folding chair webbing. If anyone would like it call 897-6946. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

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