In November of 2004, John went deer hunting with his friends in the Maine woods.

After they had been out several hours, a Game Warden stopped them during a routine check for permits.

Because John was under a protection from abuse order, it was a federal crime for him to possess a gun.

As a result, John was arrested on federal gun charges.

He is now serving time in a federal prison in South Dakota.

When he gets out, John can never hunt with a gun again.

Get the facts on illegal gun possession.

If you are convicted of domestic violence, it’s illegal to possess a gun.

If you are under a protection of abuse order, it’s illegal to possess a gun.

If you are an illegal drug user or a convicted felon, it’s illegal to possess a gun.

If you commit a violent crime with a gun, you will go to federal prison.

That means prison outside of Maine.

No friends.

No family.

No chance of parole.

That’s hard time.

This message is brought to you by Maine’s Project Safe Neighborhoods. – Courtesy of

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