n Which weighs more: an ounce of bread or an ounce of water? It’s not a silly question, since fluid ounces measure volume, not weight. A gallon of water (128 fluid ounces) weighs about 8 pounds, 5.5 ounces, which works out to a weight of 1.04 ounces for an ounce of water. It can’t be a coincidence, for water at least, that the two measures are nearly identical. If you can explain how the definition of a fluid ounce was developed, please let us know.

Which of these cities is closest (in “as the crow flies” miles) to Chicago, Ill.?

A) Anchorage, Alaska

B) Havana, Cuba

C) Mexico City, Mexico

D) San Diego, California

Friday’s answer: May 1st is celebrated in Hawaii as Lei Day, honoring the floral garland that is a symbol of the Aloha state.

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