BROOKFIELD, Vt. (AP) – Bobby Gosh was hanging out in a Denver hotel room with his wife, Vermont Democratic superdelegate Billi Gosh, when he caught country music star John Rich’s song “Raising McCain,” on CNN. He knew he had to respond.

By the next morning, he shared a few lines from his own tune – “Mama’s Votin’ for Obama” – for the Vermont delegation over breakfast. “They loved it,” he said.

Gosh, a 72-year-old singer-songwriter of pop music and commercial jingles, polished it up once he returned to his Vermont studio.

A music video of the song, now posted on YouTube, shows Gosh playing piano and driving his 1993 Honda del Sol sports car, along with images of people holding signs saying “Change You Can Believe In,” and excerpts at the end of Obama’s convention speech.

Among the lyrics:

“Inflation’s runnin’ rampant, gas prices flyin’ high

Mama says the grocery bill is reachin’ for the sky

Mama wants my brother to come back home from Iraq

If anyone can bring him back, she says that man’s Barack.”

And then there’s the refrain:

“Mama’s votin’ for Obama, cause the country’s too insane. Mama’s votin’ for Obama, and not for John McCain.”

Gosh is no amateur. A veteran composer of pop music and commercial jingles, his credits include Dr. Hook’s Top 10 hit “A Little Bit More.”

In January 1974, his “An open letter to Mr. Nixon,” called on Nixon to resign over the Watergate scandal, which the president ultimately did.

His musical muse cuts both ways, politically.

In the 1990s, he razzed President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the tune “Anything Goes.”

He’s not the first to sing Obama’s praises, either.

The Black Eyed Peas’ earlier this year came out with a pro-Obama number called “Yes We Can.” Featuring celebrities, including actress Scarlett Johansson and singer John Legend, the music video drew more than 8 million hits on YouTube alone.

Gosh said he’s not worried about making money off his new tune. “As far as I’m concerned, they can download it for free,” he said.

And with an apparent burst of creativity bubbling up, Gosh said the current campaign may yet provide another path or two to musical stardom.

The musical wheel in the brain begins turning at phrases like “lipstick on a pig.” And Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican presidential nominee, seems like fertile ground. He offers a fragment of a possible tune: “If you want to go nowhere, she’ll help you build the bridge.”

“These lines keep popping into my head,” he said.

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