TEMPLE – The Sandy River Players will put on a show Friday and Saturday, Oct. 3-4, at Temple Stream Theater to help raise funds for a new roof on its storage building.

The show is a short satirical melodrama titled “The Wild Flowering of Chastity.” Lori Lewis will appear as the innocent young maiden living with her aged aunt (Kyla Wheeler) who cannot pay the kindly old banker (Allan Smith) the mortgage again this month.

The plot thickens when the dastardly villain, played by Dan Ryder, enters the scene and pushes old Henry Homeward to his reward.

Will the long lost sisters (Karen West and Debbi Hiltz) save the day? Or will the conquering hero (Jeff Bailey) make amends? Perhaps the local justice keeper (Steve Muise) will actually keep justice? Only director Debby Muise knows, and she’s not talking.

Dessert and coffee or cider will be served at 7 p.m. with some musical entertainment; the show will begin at 7:30. Seats are limited and may be reserved by calling 779-7084. A donation of $7 per person is suggested.

For more information, e-mail [email protected]

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