Dear Sun Spots: We enjoy Sun Spots, it’s very helpful to a lot of people. My question is: would you have the words to the song Evangeline, in French. I’ve heard it on a cassette tape by Raymond Dutil of Lewiston. I would appreciate having the words so we can sing along. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Special thanks to Donat Boisvert of the USM-LAC Franco American Collection for providing Sun Spots with the words and music to “Evangeline.” Boisvert had no trouble locating the lyrics and noted that this is a very common song.

Unfortunately, it’s too long to publish in the column, but Sun Spots will gladly send the lyrics to you for you to enjoy!

Dear Sun Spots: I am trying to find someone in the Rumford/Mexico that does upholstering. I have a couch that I need reupholstered and the ladies that I usually have do this no longer are in business. – No Name, No Town.

In addition to responses from readers, contact Bob Richardson at Western Maine Upholstery, 2 Crescent St., Mexico, 369-9679 or 357-3502. His usual shop hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but if he happens to be at an appointment when you call, please leave a message.

Dear Sun Spots: Did anyone tape the all new CSI: Miami that aired Monday, Sept. 21? I would like to borrow it and would return it. We live on Schellinger Rd. in Poland. The number is 998-5418. Thank you. – No Name, Poland.

Dear Sun Spots: Does anyone know where I can purchase Ziploc bags that are larger than gallon size. Also, I am still looking for the Oxford Discount Store that moved from Route 26 that was near the Speedway? Someone by the name of Dennis ran it. Or did he just discontinue it? Thanks! – No Name, Poland.

Answer: Ziploc bags are also sold in two gallon sizes. A customer service representative for Ziploc said that they should be available in most larger retail stores. If you can’t find this particular size, a store manager may be able to help locate the product or order it for their stock. She also said the two gallon storage and freezer bags are available through their mail order service. If you can’t find them in stores, call 1-800-848-2588 to speak to a representative for further pricing and shipping information.

If you are seeking the larger storage bags, Sun Spots has purchased them at both Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. They come in three sizes, large (1.25 ft. x 1.25 ft.), extra large (2 ft. x 1.7 ft.), and double extra large (2 ft. x 2.7 ft.).

In response to your second request, Sun Spots is not aware that the Oxford Discount Store has reopened at a new location. Hopefully a reader will have more information for you.

Dear Sun Spots: I am searching for a book written by a Maine author. Her name was Martha Harwood. The name of the book is “Reprieve From Hell.” I believe it is a book about domestic violence. I will pay for the book and shipping and handling. Thank you. – No Name, Bridgton.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a Gateway computer that uses Windows 98. I am in need of the Windows 98 disc so I can upload it in mine. If anyone can help me it would be appreciated. You can contact me at P. Loubier, 88 Bartlett St. #3, Lewiston or call 514-6492. Thank you. – P. Loubier, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: Does anyone remember eye stones? I would love to buy some if you have any. – No Name, Bridgton.

Dear Sun Spots: The Amvets Ladies Auxiliary will be putting on an International Supper on Oct. 11 at the Amvet Hall, Route 100, New Gloucester. Adults $6, under 12 $3. Reservations must be made by Oct. 6. To reserve call Pat Kiley 926-4232 or Joyce Hamilton 926-4079. – Pat Kiley, New Gloucester.

Dear Sun Spots: I put an ad in lost and found to no avail. I lost my two kittens, 4 months old, a month ago. They are sisters, black with white feet. Trouble has a black spot on her right foot, Curious has a white mark on her left jaw. Trouble is friendly, Curious is shy. I miss them terribly and will pay a reward for their return. They were last seen at Dunn and Foster roads in the Auburn/Poland area. Please call 786-7058 anytime. – Anne, No Town.

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