n Word of the week: “exonumia.” From the Greek for “outside of money,” it is items such as medallions and tokens that resemble money, but are not legal tender. For example, the U.S. Mint regularly issues commemorative medals in the shape of coins.

n Thanks to Patricia Awisus of Port Townshend, Wash., for letting us know about www.tinyurl.com, a Web service that provides short aliases for long webpage names. She read our recent Bit with the URL of the Sporting News Baseball Record Book now available online, and shrunk it down for us to: www.tinyurl.com/3feowc.

Abstract expressionist painter Jackson “Jack the Dripper” Pollock was born in what city named for an American icon?

A) Lincoln, Neb.

B) Edison, N.J.

C) Cody, Wyo.

D) Houston, Texas

Friday’s answer: The website www.chemistry.com is an online dating service.

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