The stores are filling up with the cleverest new alcohol stoves for the use of denatured and other alcohol without the old-fashioned appliance of a wick for the vaporization of the alcohol. The characteristic feature of these is the little ball-shaped storage receptacle about as large as an orange. Some of these stoves have two burners and they are made for use upon the dining room table for the service of luncheons, and are in some instances beautifully silver or nickel plated. The alcohol lamp for illumination purposes is rapidly coming into use – a gallon of alcohol burning about twice as long with about five times the illumination of a gallon of kerosene.

50 years ago, 1958

A public demonstration of fire fighting techniques and equipment will be given at 2 p.m. today, according to an announcement yesterday by Auburn Fire Chief J. Coleman Miller. Miller said the demonstration will be held at the Logan, at the juncture of Center Street and the North River Road.

The demonstration was planned as part of Auburn’s activities for National Fire Prevention Week being observed this week. Displays on how firemen set up large volume streams of water and on how the aerial ladder truck is used as a water tower will be given, Miller said.

25 years ago, 1983

PORTLAND – Airline passengers with toy guns in their carry-on baggage may want to inform security personnel of the weapons when approaching the X-ray scanning area at Portland Jetport, police suggest.

Toy guns detected by the scanning devices prompted two separate police searches of baggage carried by passengers boarding People Express flights Sunday.

In both cases, police rushed to the scene and the suspect passengers were taken to a small room where the baggage was searched. The toy guns were returned to their owners. Patrolman William Martin said the problem is that people manning the scanners that electronically frisk the carry-on bags can’t tell the difference between toy guns and real ones.

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