n According to Joseph Nathan Kane’s excellent “Presidential Fact Book,” there have been three cases of presidential descendants marrying each other. Two descendants of John Adams married each other in 1853, a great-grandson of James Garfield married a great-granddaughter of Benjamin Harrison in 1961, and you may remember Julie Nixon’s wedding to David Eisenhower in 1968.

According to the latest available statistics, three of the 10 most populous cities in Africa are located in what country?

A) Egypt

B) Nigeria

C) Kenya

D) South Africa

Tuesday’s answer: According to “The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs,” relaxing music with a regular beat, such as a Bach Brandenberg Concerto, is best to help relax a dog that has noise anxiety.

n Weird Wide Web: Visit www.instant-origami.com, then click on any of eight objects such “the mask” and “the octopus,” and you’ll see a short video of two hands fashioning a piece of paper into said object a manner that’s … let’s just call it unexpected. Our favorite: the timeless simplicity of “the snowball.”

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