n Eponym of the week: Charles Grey, who was British prime minister from 1830 to 1834. As the 2nd Earl Grey, the Earl Grey variety of tea (containing oil from the rind of the bergamot orange) was named for him. But it’s not known for sure exactly why. Several stories are “out there,” from Grey providing the recipe to a tea merchant, to the son of an Indian raja being rescued from a tiger by one of Grey’s servants.

During the Middle Ages, the principal textile from which fabrics were made was:

A) Wool

B) Cotton

C) Silk

D) Linen

Wednesday’s answer: According to the latest available statistics, three of the 10 most populous cities in Africa are in Nigeria: Lagos (#1), Kano (#9) and Ibadan (#10). All three cities have over 3 million people.

n Your humble Brooklyn-born trivia author remembers the dinosaur-logo Sinclair gas stations of his youth, and has long thought the brand went the way of the dinosaur. But on a recent trip to Denver, we were surprised to see a Sinclair station with the old logo. Through Web research, we found out that over 2,000 Sinclair stations exist today in the West and Midwest, with a new corporate owner.

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