Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for a person or business that offers the service of blown-in insulation. This should be someone in the Wilton, Farmington, Jay area, if possible.

Also I would like some information on the fifth movie in the Jesse Stone series. The movie title is “Thin Ice” with Tom Selleck. It was to be released this year. I can find no information on this. Thank you, and a big thank you for all your research. – No Name, Wilton.

Currently in production in Nova Scotia, “Jesse Stone: Thin Ice,” is expected to air on CBS sometime this year, although an exact date has not been released.

The Jesse Stone movies are based on Robert B. Parker’s best-selling series of novels. This story finds Jesse’s job in jeopardy after someone attempts to murder the state police captain. While that is going on, Stone, played by Selleck, he is also attempting to solve a kidnapping case that took place a couple of years before.

The four previous installments, “Sea Change” (2007), “Death in Paradise” (2006), “Night Passage” (2006) and “Stone Cold” (2005) are all available on DVD.

Dear Sun Spots: Due to a lack of energy, enthusiasm and good health, we are downsizing our garden for next year and as a result, we’ll be having a number of glad bulbs – some yellow and some white – we want to dispose of. Anyone who would like these bulbs free, please call 375-8842 and we will save them for you to pick up when we dig them out of the garden soon. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for three books. Here are the first two: “Chase Your Dream” and “Chase Your Desire” by Jane Feather. The next book I am looking for is “Deadly Pleasure,” a Francesca Cahill novel by Brenda Joyce. – A.M.V., No Town.

Answer: If you are unable to locate these titles at your local bookstore, we suggest calling Artios Books, 180 Turner St., Auburn, 786-4007, and ask if they can locate them for you. They’ll be happy to look for any title in their collection, which was recently expanded when they acquired the inventory of The Page Turner, a used book store formerly located in Lewiston. If they don’t have the book in store, they may be able to order it for you.

Dear Sun Spots: After reading the inquiry regarding Infrared Heaters (Sun Spots, Monday Oct. 6), I wish to inform Ray of Lewiston that I am a sales representative for Comfortzone Infrared Heaters, a heater that saves up to 50% in energy costs. If he or others wish to purchase this heater at a lower price than other ads, call Joyce at 207-8979-2670. – Joyce, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I just wanted Ray in Lewiston to know that we just purchased two of the EdenPure heaters. We’ve had them in our 1,650 sq. foot home for almost two weeks, and they give a wonderful warm and constant heat that is very different from our oil baseboard heat! As a matter of fact, while it is very early in the fall season, with the EdenPure heaters in place, the furnace is hardly running.

We’ll be anxious to see what the dollar difference may be to compare heating oil to EdenPure/heating oil when the winter is over. We purchased the two smaller units that heat a 300 foot area. My Dad was so impressed by EdenPure, that he ordered one for his sunroom. We chose not to burn wood or pellets because of allergies, so we’re very anxious to see what the really cold weather does with EdenPure keeping us toasty warm while not reducing the humidity or oxygen from the house! – Judy and Dale, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a 1976 mobile home that I need to have hauled away. I have tried calling mobile home dealers for information or the name of someone who could take it off our hands. It needs a great deal of work but could be used for parts or salvage. Please call 268-4990. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Urgently needed blue spruce and fir branches! Tommys Feral Feline Friends need your help! Please call Norm at 650-8374 and we will remove your branches at no cost to you. Thank you for your caring support as always. – Tommys Feral Feline Friends.

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